Lefty during PKA


Lefty643, LeftyOX

Show Role


First Appearance

PKA 51

Potential Real Name

Jonathan Platek


Lefty was a recurring guest on PKA, until he appeared on the show so often that he eventually became a full-time member of the show.


Clerence, Lefty, as with most guests, stated that he would have sex with himself as his female partner, providing that he could stop the act at any point in his appearance on the show. When being brought back a second time on PKA 105, Lefty was instantly revered as a great guest, and with Kyle frequently being absent from the show at times, the other members decided that Lefty should become a regular guest, and has been ever since. During his time on PKA, Lefty has contributed to several prank calls and was the first member of the show to successfully persuade a store to sell him a copy of Black Ops 2 prior to the release date. He often adds intelligent opinions to the show and is sometimes called the "voice of reason" that helps calm the utter chaos that can unravel at times during the show.  Some refer to him as Dr. Lefty on PKA. Reason's to why he left have been nothing but pure speculation but it may seem that he has moved on with his career and has chose to do voice acting on the site .   

Other Things Edit

Despite basing his youtube channel around intelligent opinions, Lefty often has trouble remembering whether his Twitter or YouTube is named Lefty643 or LeftyOX (terrible branding). Lefty's channel is mainly based around PC games, as he has managed to move his channel away from Call of Duty content, and makes videos based off of him and other youtubers, such as MinnesotaBurns, Dr. Chiz and more recently Hutch, and occasionally makes Let's Play series' and other more serious gameplay or video commentaries. Leftys real first name is Jon (Confirmed via Twitter: