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The original Painkiller Already background

Painkiller Already (also known as PKA), is a podcast on YouTube including the members Woodysgamertag, WingsofRedemption, FPSKyle and LeftyOX. Painkiller Already had previously been broadcast on TwichTV back in earlier episodes of the show (17+) and was available for download on iTunes, but later stopped being uploaded to iTunes due to the costs and time spent on uploading it. though due to DDOS attacks it is currently being prerecorded sometime durning the week and uploaded on Saturdays around 12 PM Eastern Time.

Including the four main hosts there is usually a guest YouTuber. Past guests include:

  • TheSyndicateProject
  • Minnesota Burns
  • OpTic NaDeShOt
  • Redneck (Styled IZ E D N E C K)
  • Philip Defranco (sxephil)
  • Boogie2988
  • Monox
  • ONLYUSEmeBL7ADE {theblackman}
  • Whiteboy7thst {thebeardedbeast}
  • TmarTn
  • Hutch (Shaun0728)
  • MurkaDurkah (xKapownd)
  • Bash


The vault of Gold located under the house of FPSKyle

The show has currently broadcast 186 fuck kyle episodes. Painkiller Already was temporarily cancelled after Episode 110 when WoodysGamertag was given a strike on YouTube, which resulted in Woody losing the ability to livestream Painkiller Already. On October 11, 2012, following Woody's strike on YouTube, WingsofRedemption confirmed Painkiller Already would continue to air as Woody's strike had been arranged to be removed. Woody himself then confirmed that the strike had been removed and that Painkiller Already and live streams would make a return.

A cool feature that was implemented in Painkiller Already 134 and 135 was a topic menu seating contest found in the description of the episodes. This provided a link to skip the video to the topic selected and a link to any related websites or videos to that topic. It has since been discontinued. Painkiller Already is currently the leading podcast in anti-ddos technology, devoting hours of painstaking work to cleanse the Earth of hackers and trolls alike.

Painkiller Already is also responsible for the formation of the pro-rape group: The Rape Squad Killaz (RSK). Since their formation on Painkiller Already they have been notorious for their elusiveness and downright sensual approaches to life.

Download Links*:Edit

Painkiller Already Episodes 1-138 (Including the Painkiller Already meets PTFO Episode)

Painkiller Already Episodes 139-Present



*It is recommended that you watch the episodes on either Woody or Wings' channels to support the development of further Painkiller Already episodes and Bum's Night Out (A TV series currently in pre-production by Kyle). These links should only be used if you can't find an episode on one of their YouTube channels or need a copy for offline enjoyment.


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