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WoodysGamertag in one of his videos.

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Woody is known for his receding hairline, small penis, bad cervix pounding skills, not helping out smaller youtube channels, his inability to keep a hoe in her place with a backhand (first occurrence: freshman year of highschool), his inability to grow an outstanding beard (doesn't because he doesn't want to bring shame upon previous pka co-host WingsofRedemption), and much more. So he's basically god, except he has two kids.  Oh, and and that thing he does on the internet, I forget what it is.

He currently hosts the best minecraft server in the multiverse:

Woody was previously employed as a Sr. Software Architect at Cisco, but later left to pursue his aspirations of becoming a YouTuber.

Woody, also known as Matthew Woodworth, gets the name "Woodysgamertag" from his surname. He was born 5000 BC on January 4. He is a god. and powns all of u guys in a 1v1 axes baby.